Tested: Rally Ready Driving School!


The next section of the Ranch to learn and develop skills was the skid pad. The skid pad is the perfect tool for working on left foot braking technique and using it to control car behavior. As Christy Carlson can attest to, mixing tarmac driving skills with dirt driving skills can be tricky on the brain and it takes a lot of work to master both without getting mixed up.


Here’s my buddy, Kurt, getting strapped into the Civic. It’s got a proper Sabelt driving seat and harness keeping you well planted. I should note he just placed 2nd in his class at the 2017 Idaho Rally. He ‘done learned some skillz’ at the Rally Ready Ranch.


Before each exercise, one of the Rally Ready instructors would take us out in the cars to demonstrate the drill we would be practicing.


Here’s the Fiesta ST loaded up with my buddies learning the drill for the figure-8 course.


The Civic putting in the work on the figure-8, continuing our skill development in left foot braking and weight transfer.


I’m sitting in the back seat of the WRX as an instructor shows us the slalom drill on the Runway.


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