Tested: Rally Ready Driving School!


Going for a ride with Dave in this thing has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I kid you not. Blasting down the trails at 60mph, going over jumps, down into dips- it was all insane. Think about how you’d crap your pants if you were riding shotgun in a WRC car, and you get the idea. I consider this a must do experience! This is my buddy Mike hanging onto the passenger grab bar for dear life. You definitely need to brace yourself in the seat for going over the jumps.


This is the end of my ride with Dave in the YXZ. Yes, I’m saying, “wow”. That’s really the only word that would come out of my mouth. It was that awesome. All the really awesome stuff happened out on the trails in the woods. Blowing by trees at 60mph, going through mud, air time over jumps and bumps, somehow pulling through turns when I thought for sure the YXZ wouldn’t be able to make it, it was all madness!


While Dave was giving rides in the YXZ, we all took turns continuing our slalom skills in the shaggin’ wagon.


Another satisfied customer. He’s hiding under the helmet, but my bro Jason goes way back with MotoIQ having done the engine and drivetrain calibration on Project Tundra’s supercharger kit. 


Dave was ragging on the YXZ hard and it required time for the brakes to cool off. In the meantime, my bachelor party crew was having fun in the Civic (Papa smurf?) in addition to the WRX.


Meanwhile on another section of the Ranch, instructor David Moss was giving rides in his stage rally prepped Focus getting all sorts of sideways and keeping the throttle pinned.


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