Tested: Rally Ready Driving School!


While David was giving rides and the Civic and WRX were getting tossed around the slalom, Dave did a lead/follow in the YXZs around the trails of the Ranch. That was a load of fun! You definitely need eye protection though, Dave shows no mercy in spraying you with dirt and mud if you’re right behind him.


You will get dirty.


This is how dirty you get while being inside one of the cars.


Hey, it’s a rally car; it’s supposed to be dirty. We actually lucked out and got a bit of rain which kept the dust level down. The Rally Ready crew does have a water truck for when the weather doesn’t drop water out of the sky.


As my buddy Marcus said that going to Rally Ready was one of my best ideas EVER. And, I’ve had a lot of good ideas!


So, if you happen to be in Austin for F1, MotoGP, Pirelli World Challenge, WEC, SXSW, ACL Fest, or bachelor/bachelorette parties (there were at least two other bachelor parties and four bachelorette parties in my hotel alone), schedule time to go to Rally Ready! Or maybe you can convince your boss to have a team building event at Rally Ready. If you are the boss, you should have a team building event at Rally Ready. You’ll learn new car control skills, be well fed, and have so much fun you’ll want to do it all over again!



Rally Ready Driving School


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