Tested: Rally Ready Driving School!


Hook’em Horns! Anyway, yeah, about to head down the Runway.


Here’s a video of me making an ass of myself in the slalom. Man, you don’t do a track day in a while and you get a bit rusty and forget fundamentals.


Mmmmmmmm….. BBQ! You request it, Dave and the Rally Ready crew can provide it! Whenever you’re in Texas, you must have the brisket!


Dave got me this sweet hat from his WRC Mexico trip for my bachelor party. I rocked it all downtown Austin. Rally Ready does WRC excursion trips, so hit them up if you ever wanted to check out a WRC rally.

After lunch, it was onto the free-for-all goofy fun bachelor party aspect. Rally Ready has a small fleet of Yamaha YXZ 2-seater off-road vehicles and they are an absolute blast to drive. So, Dave gave ride alongs through the six miles of trails on the Ranch while other guys were driving the cars on the Runway working on their slalom skills.


The YXZs come with Fox Racing shocks, a 1-liter triple, and 6-speed sequential tranny. So it’s basically a 2-seater, 4wd, dirt bike. As it is heavy compared to a motorcycle, you need to use about 5k-6k rpms when moving off from a stop. But once you’re moving, it’s pretty fun to bang through the gears with the sequential shifter.


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