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Next up was a 50th anniversary 370Z.  The car has different wheels and a paint job that pays homage to the BRE 240Z race cars but there aren’t any accompanying performance enhancements.

Next was a 50th Aniversary GT-R.  Somehow it sort of reminds me of a Mustang.

It seems like paint, some trim bits and wheels are what makes a 50 Anniversary GT-R different from other EBA GT-R’s big deal.

The 2020 EBA Nismo Edition GT-R is what was more interesting.  The Nismo edition now has carbon fiber being used in the roof, hood, and fenders for lighter weight. They were claiming that the vented fenders improve the aerodynamics but on the cars I saw, the vents were fake and blocked off, unlike those in the Porsche GT3RS that actually vent into the wheel wells.  Boo Nissan!

The coolest things about the Nismo Edition are the 600 hp engine with improved turbos and the big carbon-ceramic brakes.  These are huge wide annulus rotors with tons of swept area that take a lot of unsprung and rotating weight off the car, probably at least 10 lbs worth.

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  1. We visit our family in Yokohama every year, and stop by the gallery every time. The display cars rotate frequently and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Heritage gallery where most of the display cars are housed. Highly recommend the Nissan engine museum as well for anyone visiting Yokohama. It’s also free and worth the trip. Thanks for sharing!

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