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Only 197 KPGC110 GT-Rs were made before they were killed off by the fuel shortages crisis of the time.  The Kenmeri was the last of the older GT-R’s for awhile.  Nothing wore the GT-R badge until the BNR32 in 1989.

Like the KPGC110 in its time, the R33 GT-R was the second generation of the Modern GT-R.  Here is what is supposedly the coolest road going R33 GT-R ever produced by Nissan, the Nismo R33 GT-R LM.  You are probably familiar with the R33 LM from the original Grand Turismo game.

The LM was built in 1995 by Nismo as a homologation special for the  FIA GT1 Class.  The rules said that a manufacturer had to build at least one road-going version of the car to qualify for the class and the LM was it, the only one built for the class!

Unlike the GT-1 cars, I suspect that the LM is largely a stock R33 GT-R under the skin as I have seen photos of the engine and it looks pretty much like a stock RB26 under there.  You can see the pretty stock looking exhaust. That does look like a fuel cell back there possibly though.

In keeping with the second generation GT-R theme, An R33 JGTC GT500 car was on display.  1995 was the first year of the current JGTC formula where the GT300 cars are attempted to be restricted to 300 hp and the GT500 cars, 500 hp.

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  1. We visit our family in Yokohama every year, and stop by the gallery every time. The display cars rotate frequently and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Heritage gallery where most of the display cars are housed. Highly recommend the Nissan engine museum as well for anyone visiting Yokohama. It’s also free and worth the trip. Thanks for sharing!

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