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The rear brakes are big carbon-ceramic parts as well with an integrated parking brake.  New lightweight Rays wheels grace the car as well.

There was a cutaway of a GT-R on the floor as well next to the Nismo Editon, a nice way to see all the stuff packed into the car.  One you see all of it you can figure why it weighs so much.

Yup, there is a lot of technology packed into a small space on the GT-R.  In the front lives the VR38DETT engine, a bunch of heat exchangers, a front diff and multilink suspension.

A carbon-fiber driveshaft feeds power to the GT-R’s BorgWarner GR6 transmission.   Although it is commonly called an automatic transmission, you can see here that it is actually a manual transmission that is dual-clutch and computer-controlled.  In the cutaway, you can see that the transmission uses shift forks, synchros and balk rings just like any other manual transmission.  One clutch works for 1,3 and 5th gear while the other works for 2,4, and 6th.  The computer will preselect the gear it thinks you are going to need and simple switches from one clutch to the next shifting in as little as 8 milliseconds. If the computer messes up and guesses wrong, it will have to select the right gear and switch the right clutch on.  In this worst-case, it still only takes 200 milliseconds to shift which is faster than you could do speed shifting!

The rear of the 2020 Nismo edition looks about the same to me.  Before I was meh about the Nismo edition; I didn’t like the way it looked and I didn’t think you were getting your money’s worth for the price. Now I like the Nismo edition and I think are enough goodies to justify the price differential.

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  1. We visit our family in Yokohama every year, and stop by the gallery every time. The display cars rotate frequently and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Heritage gallery where most of the display cars are housed. Highly recommend the Nissan engine museum as well for anyone visiting Yokohama. It’s also free and worth the trip. Thanks for sharing!

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