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The Nismo 370Z makes 18 more hp and 6 lb/ft more torque than the standard 370 mostly through exhaust tuning.

The Nismo edition also has bigger brakes, a sport-tuned suspension and aero bits that offer zero lift at speed.  The interior offers Recaro Alcantara seats.  At least the Nismo 370Z isn’t a sticker and badge special like Nissan is often prone to do!

You get to see the Nismo Editon VQ37VHR in cutaway form right next to the display car.  You can see the Nismo’s tubular headers which is where most of those 18 hp are coming from.

On a display on the floor, there are various Nismo parts for various Nissan models. I thought this was pretty interesting because I was the quality engineer for Nismo USA while I was there.  Nismo parts go through all the stringent OEM validation testing for durability and quality so while they can look plain, they are very high quality.  I can tell you now that most aftermarket parts will fail these tests usually pretty rapidly.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is Nismo’s heritage parts program.  Some of the parts are shown here. Nismo is having Nissan reissue many highly used parts for classic vintage Nissans. These parts will probably not make it stateside but it is awesome to see that Nissan is trying to cater to that market in Japan.

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  1. We visit our family in Yokohama every year, and stop by the gallery every time. The display cars rotate frequently and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Heritage gallery where most of the display cars are housed. Highly recommend the Nissan engine museum as well for anyone visiting Yokohama. It’s also free and worth the trip. Thanks for sharing!

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