The CSF EvoX Racecar Build – Engine, Oiling & Cooling

The multiple mounting options on the CSF bar/plate oil coolers really do make it very easy to mount anywhere on your car. The team over at Sheepey Built had already pre-mounted the oil cooler while they were fabricating the turbo components. It will sit directly behind the passenger side fog-lamp hole. The CSF cooler is plenty strong enough to be held in like this.  No other cooler on the market that we know of would be reliable if mounted like this.

For engine coolant cooling we used the CSF radiator made exclusively for Rywire with a large 24 x 13.25 core. The radiator is both dual-core and dual pass for maximum efficiency per size. This gives a 30 to 40 percent increase in cooling effectiveness with no increase in size and very little gain in weight. The pictured fan shroud comes with the radiator and is specific for the 8″ Derale fans that Rywire can supply.

The radiator comes polished and ready for universal mounting with built in two position mounting tabs. There are top and bottom drain fittings which are also useful for vents. The radiator can use these screw-in -16 AN fittings or hose bungs for regular radiator hoses, both sets are included with the radiator. The radiator can be ordered with a built-in filler neck or a with a fitting for a remote surge tank.

Howard mounts the Sheepey Built manifold and Garrett turbo in place to facilitate during our measuring and test fitting of the plumbing.

Before we can get started with the radiator mounting, the intake manifold is also installed to verify there is no interference between the Magnus Motorsports intake manifold and Rywire/CSF radiator.


  1. Good stuff, but the fumes in the cabin will be unbearable with the catch tank in there. Even with my oil/catch tank mounted in the trunk area (which is sealed off from the driver compartment but not totally airtight) the cabin filled with strong fumes almost immediately so we had to run a breather line from the catch tank vent out the back of the car.

    1. We completely agree and will definitely be moving the breather into the trunk. You’ll see our solutions in later articles when we start getting the car ready for track use.

  2. isn’t that oil cooler about half the size of the stock one? I mean it looks a little bit thicker, but is that enough to make up losing about 1/2 the front surface area?

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