The Forging: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 2


Engine Fitting FR-S Tony Angelo
Then yank it out again. This will be done several times before everything is mocked perfectly. You have to make sure the engine sits at the right angle for the drivetrain, the oil pan doesn't lean too far back to starve the sump, nothing hits, and that everything can be serviced if need be.
Tony Angelo FR-S Engine Fitting
Engine is checked from every angle with the car on the ground and up in the air. Looking for any interference and the solution needed to make it work.
Tony Angelo FR-S Engine Installation
This is also a good time to fab the transmission mount. Everything will be tack welded, nothing is made permanent until it is triple checked and perfect. Yes, a weld is only as permanent as a grinder and cutting wheel, but think about it. Which is cleaner and faster? Cutting a tack weld or cutting a completely welded part? The tack weld, if you're playing at home.
MA Motorsports Engine Mount Fabrication
Once you are sure and feel like you can't question yourself again, then you make a proper weld.  Welding requires precise heat control to ensure thorough penetration without blowing through the weld area.  This can only be accomplished with the proper equipment and tons of experience, MA Motorsports and Chris Forsberg have both. Hell, this isn't the home of Brian Wilkerson's Zombie Car for nothing!
Tony Angelo FR-S Engine Mounts
Solid mounts for the engine, just like the subframe. Again, no squirming from the chassis as Tony doesn't need anything moving when it's not supposed to. A flopping engine isn't fun either.
Transmission Mounting Tony Angelo FR-S
For rust protection, and bling factor, all bare metal is painted. There is some beauty in bare metal, but it is a pain to maintain rust free. Tony's car is in the North East, so rust is always available at no extra charge.
Tony Angelo FR-S
With everything fabricated, welded, painted, and inspected, it's time to enjoy the handywork for a few minutes. Not much time to waste here! Long Beach is only a few weeks away!

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