The Forging: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 2


Tony Angelo FR-S
Now that the harder parts of the engine and quick change were done, the FR-S was moved to the home shop of TAngelo Racing in Pennsylvania. The shop will also start to build bobber and chopper motorcycles to earn some income and keep the whole program running. Plus, hey, they have a shop anyhow, why not do something with it?
Tony Angelo FRS Cage Build
This is also where the car will have its roll cage built. The evolvement of Formula Drift cars have forced safety and cage design to be more critical than ever before.
Cardboard Aided Design Tony Angelo FR-S
CAD cages are becoming more and more common! At MotoIQ CAD stands for Cardboard Aided Design, it works and it's cheaper than most real CAD programs, save for maybe Bend-Tech.
Preparing Roll Cage Tony Angelo FR-S
Check the measurements, check them again, then check them one more time.  Because you're just that paranoid, or maybe it's just me?  At any rate, it's easier to erase a mark than add metal to a chopped end. Then you cut it to si
CAD Designed Roll Cage Tony Angelo FR-S
Check it against your “CAD file” and adjust your bends if need be. Angle finders and straight rulers then become your tools rather than the cutters and benders as you check against your cardboard and the interior of the car.
FR-S Cage Build
With all the tubes tack welded in place, fitment is checked one last time. So how do you weld the cage once it's inside the car? You can't just weld the accessible half of the tubing, right?
Roll Cage Building Tony Angelo FR-S
Oh, that's how. By cutting the floor boards, the cage can be lowered enough to access the top area of the cage that will be fitted as close to the roofline as possible.  In this image you can also see where the transmission tunnel was cut out to fit the transmission from the tC drift car.


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