The Forging: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 2


Tony Angelo FR-S
Now that is some gusseting! There is no way this chassis will move with all of that in place. That's it for the cage, it's done.
Tony Angelo interior painting
Now it needs to be moved from TAngelo Racing headquarters to the paint booth at Crolls Customs. However, with no engine, how is that done? Manpower. Though as light as the car is, do you really need four guys to move the FR-S? At least Colin is doing the…steering?
Tony Angelo FR-S Interior Painting
Well FR-S, you'll come out looking just slightly different soon. Hey, what's with those shiny plates?
Tony Angelo FR-S Paint
Oops, sorry. Too much snooping and we're getting in the way of work that needs to be done. Carry on, Josh Crolls.
FR-S Interior Painting
A proper painting of the cage and engine bay. The white epoxy is suddle and will make spotting leaks in the engine bay easier. Should also help keep cabin temperatures down when the teams visit “greenhouse” tracks like Atlanta, Palm Beach, and Texas. Won't do anything for the humidity of Palm Beach, but what can you do there except sweat?
Tony Angelo FR-S
The white epoxy coat can be found throughout the entire FR-S, even into the trunch area. The thorough paint job will help keep all the trouble zones like the trunk area, engine bay and transmission tunnel rust free.
Fire at TAngelo Racing
Now this looks bad! At 5am the old heater in the shop decided that it wasn't doing a good enough job and tried some internal combustion. Well, in the process the old coot caught fire! The local fire station was called and they rushed out to put the heater out of its misery.
Fire at TAngelo Racing
Man, what a mess. It really just means there will be a huge mess to clean up in the morning, but can TAngelo Racing afford this mess? You'll have to find out when we come back for Part 3! Keep your browsers here.



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