The Forging: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 2


FR-S Cage Building
With safety being paramount in Formula Drift, cage designs are taking on new meaning compared to 2004. More triangulation bars are being added and gussets are now on even the lowest tier drift cars.  The Formula Drift cages are more closely resembling their road race and rally counterparts.
FR-S Cage Build Tony Angelo
Reinforcement plates are added where cage tubes will be welded to the floor boards or other sheet metal.
Tony Angelo FR-S Cage Build
You can also see the newly mandated bars that mount to the front down tubes and firewall. This is to protect the drivers against wheel intrusion into the cabin of the car after a head on collision. That's also a very interesting place for the starter, but considering this is a FWD engine being used in a RWD configuration, it's not like Toyota intended to be there. So much about this build is unorthodox, but it's also part of the charm.
Tony Angelo FR-S Roll Cage
One rule that has been in Formula Drift since its inception is the requirement of using the OEM dashboard or an OEM style replacement. Since there aren't any carbon fiber or OEM style dashboards readily available yet, the OEM one will have to do. Here you can see some of the racing design Toyobaru put into the FR-S/BRZ as the pockets on the corners of the dash near the A-pillars are perfect for down tubes to go through with little to no cutting.
Tony Angelo FR-S Build
Now what is Colin Jones cutting?
Tony Angelo FR-S
No, they are not cutting the rear for massive tires. The tires are not going to be that wide on the FR-S per Formula Drift Tire Rules and their target weight.
Tony Angelo FR-S
From what Tony has said, they are planning for a smoke show. Could this cutting be any indication to that?

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