The Holley LS Fest West 2023 Tire Streets Drift Challenge

After beating first-time competitor Gabby Downing, who was driving a car she had just gotten running literally the day before the event, Ben Hobson advanced to face Javi Martinez.

Both long-time Drift Challenge competitors, Alec Robbins went on to defeat Team Scoundrels’ Blaize Potts.  Robbins bested Potts only to fall to Hobson in the great 8.

Odi Bakchis paired his years of championship-pursuing experience with his trusty S13.4 demo car. He had his work cut out for him having to fight past Rudy Hansen in 16

Next Odi was up against Corvette driver Dirk Stratton in the great 8 before succumbing to the absolute weapon he himself built for his teammate Ben Hobson.

Odi ran hard but a demo car is no match for a first-rate Pro Spec car. Ben Hobson advanced beating his b0ss and filling out the left side of the bracket.

It was a Corvette on Corvette crime scene when Ian McDougall met Dirk “The Dagger” Stratton in the battle of 16 with Team Lingenfelter’s Stratton moving on.

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