The Impossible Evo Part 5: The Brakes
Pictured here is Binary Engineering’s stainless brake duct. My goal is to have a car that can stay on track as long as I want it to, in the hottest conditions. Brake cooling is critical to meet this goal and I will run brake ducting from the front bumper to these ducts in the near future!
These trick brake ducts, designed and fabricated at Turn In Concepts, will be utilized with the Binary Engineering Brake Ducts when used on track.

Lastly, for safety’s sake and to aid in the longevity of the brake system, I upgraded the OEM brake lines to AMS Performance’s stainless steel versions and I found a set of used Binary Engineering brake ducts for the front axle. To finish everything off, I’ll be connecting the Binary ducts with brake cooling hose from the Turn In Concepts designed and built cooling ducts that I wrote about a few articles ago.

What’s left for our build to get it on the track? At minimum, I need to get the AIM dash installed with wiring for the extra sensors. There are a few other goals I’d like to achieve as well. Stay tuned as we try to keep this car cheap, reliable and fast, while also being comfy on the street and a beast on the track!

Professional Awesome Racing
AMS Performance
Disc Brakes Australia
Hawk Performance
Turn in Concepts


  1. Where are the thermo-couples placed? I’ve always used temperature paint on the rotors to help select brake compounds.

    1. The thermocouples will fit into a small hole drilled into the brake pads. They sit just below the surface of the pad.

  2. What is the part number for the Brembo hardware? I am going to do this on my GSR, so thank you for the guidance!

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