The Tale of Two Porsches: Pfaff Motorsports


With 22 years of racing experience (beginning with racing go-karts at an early age), Chris Green is at home on the race track. He is a professional. His racing career has taken him around the world and yet he is at home here in Canada. He is focused upon the GT3 Cup Canada series and has been having great success. 
Many kids want to become a famous hockey player, baseball or basketball star, possibly have their own football card. Chris wanted to race and he's living the dream that began when he was nine. His parents were both members of a local Porsche club and involved in the racing scene. After showing some promise in a karting school, they bought him a kart and within a month he was competing.
Thriving on the adrenaline rush that is motorsports, Chris Green is already looking forward to the 2016 season.

Chris is very aware that only a select few get to do what he is doing. Driving a race car for a living. During the race season his life revolves around the track. Ensuring that he has sufficient rest and is ready and focused for the upcoming race. He is at the track four days before the race for practice and preparation. Year round focus upon cardio and core strength training ensure that he will have the endurance required for each race during the season. 2015 is Chris's third full season with Pfaff Motorsports.


Orey Fidani (driver's suit far right) is chatting with the Pfaff Motorsports team about the car setup and the goals for the upcoming race. Sasha Anis (second from right) from OnPoint Dyno is the team's driver coach.
Orey entered racing late (late, at least, in a sport when most begin before age 10) as an adult. Building fast cars wasn't enough – he wanted to drive them.

Orey Fidani has been building custom and fast cars for years. As a youngster building custom cars was his dream job. He has his mechanic's license. He builds the cars he dreamt of when he was younger. Then he decided it was time to race them. He took part in a number of track days and attended two of Ron Fellows Performance Driving Schools at Spring Mountain. In the 2014 season Orey took his 2013 Porsche 997 Cup car and raced with Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs in the GT1 division. He won his division and the overall championship in this Regional series. In 2015 Orey entered the Porsche Ultra 94 GT3 Cup Challenge Canada, teaming up with Pfaff Motorsports to effectively maximize the use of resources, and brought home the Gold Cup.


When I asked them about their seasons, Chris responded that he's living the dream. Orey followed by saying that he's in his happy place. Literally, what more could you ask for in your racing life?!

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