The Tale of Two Porsches: Pfaff Motorsports


Team manager Steve Bortolotti (setting the alignment system above) led the team thoughout the 2015 campaign. He leads by example, involved in every aspect of the work that the team must perform in order to be successful. Steve's day job is at Pfaff Tuning/McLaren Toronto where he often has a Porsche Cup car or a McLaren 650 S Spider parked beside his desk.
Corner balancing and alignment done onsite, the team has everything they need to get the job done. Race Engineer, Joe La Joie (right), comes up from Texas and this is his second year working with Pfaff Motorsports.
J.P. Dias, here securing the front splitter after the car came off of the rack, is a Gold Level Porsche technician at Pfaff Porsche. He has been on the team for three years and is the lead mechanic.
That's Andrew Marangoni at the laptop. He is the team's data geek and looks after all of the data acquisition. Then he and Joe go over that data as a team. On the right is Gerald Maidment who, in addition to driving the team's tractor trailer, supports the effort as a fuel and tire technician.
Kate Field looks after fuel and tires, focusing on the #9 car but if something is needed on either car Kate is there. Kate is a service advisor at Pfaff Audi. A racing enthusiast who participates in CSCS Time Attack, Kate loves that her career allows the opportunity to be involved in motorsport trackside! It is her dream – she simply had no idea it would happen this quickly.


Here the team is either frustrated with some of the numbers they've been looking at … or they're all wondering where lunch is!

Pfaff Motorsports is looking forward to 2016 as the third season it will be an independent operation. In 2013 Pfaff teamed up with Alegra Motorsports and they worked with Fiorano Racing in 2012. The majority of the the racing team is comprised of Pfaff employees who volunteer their time to support the race efforts. Other team members not pictured include Matt Berenz (media), Naveen Islam (hospitality), and Nico Castellaccio (technician who flies in from California as needed).

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