The Tale of Two Porsches: Pfaff Motorsports


All I can say is that opening and closing these doors you barely notice any weight at all.
Looking under the lid of Orey's 2013 car I was greeted with an array of suspension, brake, and fuel components.
So you can imagine my surprise to see the almost barren compartment in the newer Platinum cup car. The new car is wider and as a result there are less 'extras' allowed!
The upper compartment is also roomier on the Platinum car, so fuel and braking components are housed there.
There is not much to see when you look into the engine compartment of a Porsche. At least, from my perspective there isn't. It seems you need the engine out or the car up on a hoist to really get an idea.
Air Jacks – I hope that my next car has them!

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