The Tale of Two Porsches: Pfaff Motorsports


A week before the final race of the season at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the team was there for a practice session and track day. Chris Pfaff – President and CEO of Pfaff Automotive Partners – joined the team to put in a few laps with his McLaren 12C GT Sprint.

The mainly volunteer team is like a family pulling together for a united push to accomplish a goal. Pulled together from dealerships across the Greater Toronto Area, they all have one thing in common. They want their Porsche GT3 cars and drivers to win. The drivers absolutely have picked up on this enthusiasm and momentum, carrying them forward in each event. They are in this together! They are passionate about what they are doing and they are ready and willing to put in long days and nights to attain their goal. This is the culture at Pfaff Automototive Partners – and it's absolutely the lifestyle of the Pfaff Motorsports Team.


The cars are meticulous. Obviously, there are some wounds that are evident after a season on the track, but they are in fine race form.
From necessities such as the cage to fire suppresion system through to cool suit setups, these cars are awesome.

All relevant data is readily available for the driver to monitor.

Well thought out. Ergonomically placed for the driver.

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