Turbosmart Time Attack FC RX-7


Here’s a look at the backside of the airbox which looks to be pretty well sealed.


On the side of the intake tube is a K&N air filter sitting in the sealed airbox.  This setup should provide two benefits: cold air and hopefully a bit of ramair.  Those two things make turbos and engines happy.

Cooling duties are handled by the big off-the-shelf PWR radiator working in conjunction with a Davies Craig single fan and electric water pump.  Airflow management is also important on a track car, so the radiator is pretty well sealed to ensure all the airflow goes through the radiator and not around it.  In the lower left is a fabricated coolant reservoir/oil catch can setup.


A Turbosmart Race Port handles the blow-off duties.


The Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator has some cool features: ports for an easy to read mechanical gauge, an electrical pressure sender, and an easy to adjust screw at the top.


Adding JUST a little bling is this Turbosmart CNC machined oil filler cap.


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