Turbosmart Time Attack FC RX-7



An ultra light and FIA approved Sparco Evo II Plus holds the driver in place, along with a 6-point harness .


A Haltech ECU controls the engine.  Part of the functionality of the Haltech includes datalogging and this came in handy during testing.  It was found that the oil pressure would flucuate due to oil starvation with the stock pan, so a JPR oil pan was added.  The JPR pan is baffled and also added an extra quart of capacity.  No more oil pressure issues!  The Haltech also controls via maps both the electric water pump and fan!


A Turbosmart e-Boost2 controller works in conjunction with the Turbosmart boost solenoid.  The controller itself is mounted on the rollcage within easy reach of the driver and has three different settings to adjust for conditions.


The team at Turbosmart built this FC using a mix of good basic principles and good parts without fancy frills or carbon fiber over the entire car.  With work and careful selection of components, they were able to drop the weight of the car from 1270kg to 1020kg.  This is a build anyone could duplicate in their own garage.  At the 2011 WTAC event, they clocked a 1:38.572 lap going well over 240 km/h down the straight which is some serious quickness considering how simple of a build this was.  The FC isn’t the ground breaker the FB was, and it doesn’t have the sex appeal of the FD, but it’s still a fundamentally good performance platform that can haul ass.





The crew at Turbosmart would like to thank the following companies for all their help and support with the contruction and development of their time attack FC.


Davies Craig



Hi Octance Racing

Motorsport Connections

Pac Performance

Project Mu

Racer Industries




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