Turbosmart Time Attack FC RX-7



An APR rear wing complements the diffuser to generate rear downforce to balance out the front downforce.  The rear wing is set really far back requiring the endlinks you see going from the wing mount to the hatch.  The rear hatch glass was replaced with lexan along with the side windows.


Under the rear hatch, we have a view of the safety cage structure.  Notice the flat plates welded into the floor of the hatch to provide a base.  Also, the rear shock towers are tied together to add chassis stiffness.  A lightweight Odyssey battery is located low and in the middle of the car to improve the weight distribution and reduce the polar moment of inertia.  A fire extinguisher is strapped down in reach of the driver.
Door bars to help protect the driver along with adding some additional chassis stiffness.  The dash is simple consisting of just the bare necessities; a Racepak dash and a Sparco steering wheel.
The cage structure was extended to the front shock towers to further stiffen the chassis.
A simple control panel houses the important switches next to the driver on the transmission tunnel.  A brake bias adjuster sits just next to it.

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