Update: Spoon Sports USA Time Attack Civic!


K-Tuned provided this high mounted on engine coolant filler neck which is useful as the radiator is now lower and canted forward.
The side exit on the Chris Eimer fabricated side exit exhaust. Vibrant 304 stainless tubing was used.

The exhaust is run inside a stainless steel, insulated tunnel through the unibody to the side of the car. The exit hole will get a heat shield and be cleaned up later. The exhaust is introduced into the car’s airflow at an angle as close to parallel as possible to reduce drag and to minimally impact the car’s flow field.


A Greddy Type R tube and fin intercooler was used for its light weight and good heat exchange properties.

The intercooler and radiator were canted and some simple ducting was made. If time permits better ducting will be made to direct the air into the heat exchangers and out the top of the car.

It is hard to see but the engine oil cooler has been relocated to behind the intercooler so its duct in the front fascia could be closed off to improve the effectiveness of the splitter by allowing it to build up more stagnation pressure.

You can see a little of the super short intake charge pipe. It’s about a foot long and goes right to the throttle body of the K-Tuned intake manifold!


One of the car’s worst shortcomings was it’s minimalistic JDM style cage. Not only was it terrible for driver protection but it did little to improve chassis stiffness.

The entire cage was scrapped and Chris Eimer of Eimer Engineering built a new cage that tied the entire chassis and the suspension pickup points together.

A center mounted driver’s seat is the most radical part of the new revision.  Moving the driver to the center of the car gives the most protection possible.  The driver is also moved rearwards to where the base of the rear seat used to be or more than 1.5 feet back. The driver is now in about the true center of the car and is well protected. The driver is the second heaviest components in the car so moving him has one of the biggest impacts on corner weights and overall weight distribution.


To make room for the center mounted seat, the floor hump was removed and some sturdy new tubular seat mounts were constructed.

Note how the front of the Momo head protecting, HANS compatible seat is where the rear of the old seat used to be!  The knob to the side of the seat is the hydraulic rear brake proportioning valve. Takata harnesses secure the driver in place.


The cage to body fit is very tight and the tubes are stitch welded to the unibody where they come in contact with each other.  Also note the use of reinforcing tubes at the cage junctions.

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