Update: Spoon Sports USA Time Attack Civic!


Engine management is handled by a MoTeC M800 ECU tuned by Nathan Tasukon of Forward Mototion Technologies.

The wiring will be cleaned up later!  Note the clean carbon fiber mount for the MoTeC.

The Antigravity line of batteries sold by Pegasus Auto Racing are simply amazing.  They have tons of power and weigh almost nothing. This battery has 720 cold cranking amps and weighs 3 lbs!
Electric over hydraulic power steer was used to clean up the engine bay and to move weight rearward.
A MoTeC C127 Dash Display will also be used for datalogging.
Chris Eimer and Shay Alexander, part of Dai Yoshihara’s Formula Drift team have been burning the midnight oil for the past two weeks right from when the Formula Drift season ended.

The team has been rushing to get the car done.  They have two weeks until Superlap Battle to finish it. One of those weeks will be used up by the SEMA show!


With the car running the Spoon Team took the car to Willow Springs for a rough shakedown.

The shakedown was to make sure all of the car’s major system were functioning and to do things like break-in the Gear-X gear set and limited slip differential. Here Chris Eimer and Spoon USA’s Aaron Wang give the engine a quick once over before the car takes to the track.


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