Update: Spoon Sports USA Time Attack Civic!


The reservoirs for the PE Engineering pedal box are mounted up high on the dash bar of the cage. The steering column has both a quick release and a GS tilt steering adaptor.
Another look at the PE Engineering pedal box.  If you have a unibody race car, this makes the installation so easy.

The box can mount on the floor or pivot and mount to the firewall. A raised foot platform was planned for the car but there was no time to actually build it before the shakedown run.

Dai Yoshihara trying the layout of everything for the first time.
It’s time to go and drive around for a bit to make sure everything is working!
In this picture, you can see how all of the unused vent areas of the front fascia has been closed off. This improves the function of the splitter by increasing the stagnation pressure on top of it which in turn increases downforce.

The lower part of the air dam has been modified to seal against the splitter which has not been fitted at the moment. The street custom style air dam is getting reworked to make it more aerodynamically functional.

For the test, the car is missing its flat bottom, engine undertray, and splitter. If there is enough time before Superlap battle, the car will have all of those parts plus a front diffuser with stagnation plates and anti spillover winglets on the front of the splitter.

If all goes well the Spoon car will be riding on KW Motorsports suspension with the addition of some Whiteline parts and have all of its aero done by Superlap Battle.  The team also wants to do more testing soon as well.

Hopefully, the car will get sorted enough to successfully defend its record in a couple of weeks!


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