Update: Spoon Sports USA Time Attack Civic!


The cage is coupled to the unibodies B-Pillar with dimple die cut gussets.
The rear of the cage is welded to the shock towers. This gets points for maximum stiffness.
The front cage tubes are coupled to the A-pillars with dimple die gussets.

The front of the cage triangulates to the front strut towers. These tubes are coupled to the firewall with a dimple die plate. Tubes also come up from the bottom of the front legs to fully triangulate the front end and protect from tire intrusion into the interior of the cabin.

The driver is pretty far away from any of this but he has many feet of protection from both the unibody and the cage. This is going to be a very safe car!


Some of the detail of the cage around the shock towers.

The suspension is going to be replaced with KW Motorsports 3-Way adjustable, remote reservoir units that are on a plane from Germany as this is being written. Hopefully there will be time to test them and set up the chassis before Super Lap Battle.


Using the excellent PE Engineering pedal box that we featured previously saved many hours of fabrication and is giving excellent results.

The box simply bolts to the floor and is very stiff. For race car builders, the PE Engineering part is the best thing since sliced bread.


A K-Tuned billet racing cable shifter was a big aid in relocating the seat to the center of the car.

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