Victoria Day Speedfest


With this much horsepower thundering by and the lead cars doing laps, it is absolutely amazing racing.
#27 Ranger and #22 Steckly both got by Klutt early in the race and had an amazingly tight fight – until they tangled on the last lap – allowing the #59 car to capture the checkered flag. Side by side racing – fantastic.

With a mix of road course and oval tracks taking place over several more events, my favourite driver and last year's champion – Louis-Philippe Dumoulin – will be out to pass not only his big brother but the other drivers also.


The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge had some outstanding racing. With the lead cars capable of completing the circuit in there was absolutely a lot of action on the track. Not to mention that the cars were gorgeous.
Entering Moss Corner at what is known as 5a.
Rounding 5b of Moss Corner.
Leaving 5b and coming up to 5c, just before the long uphill straight known as Andretti Straight – even though it contains corners 6 and 7.


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