Victoria Day Speedfest


Two sets of cars going two wide through Turn 1!
The #20 Camaro must have appeared meanacing in #38's mirrors!
Coming through turn four at over 100 mph – and then down to about 50 mph for the hairpin.
Kurt Rezzetano in the Calvert Dynamics Mustang Boss 302 claimed Saturday's race with a fast lap of 1:25.085. Max Riddle from Vancouver, BC captured the class track record with a fast lap of 1:24.951 as he captured second place.
It was cat and mouse as the Aston Marton sought to get past the Mustang.
Not satisfied with Saturday's third place finish, Jack Baldwin put the #73 Porsche Caymen into top spot on Sunday with Kurt Rezzetano in second and third going to Michael Cooper. Michael set a new track record of 1:24.726 in his #10 Chevrolet Z28.

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