Victoria Day Speedfest


Before the GT/GTA/GT Cup cars, let's go over the GTS races. There was a lot of excitement. Please accept my apologies, as I was not able to fit any of the TC/TCA/TCB qualifying sessions or races into my schedule.
Here are Saturday's third through fifth place finishers. #73 Jack Baldwin in the Reset Porsche Cayman. #32 Andrew Aquilante in the Calvert Dynamics Mustang Boss 302. Mark Wilkins from Toronto, ON in the #38 Put On The Brakes KIA Optima. Following along in the #10 Mustang Camaro Z28 is Michael Cooper from Blackdog Speed Shop.
 Looking from the north side of corner 10 we have the #28 Aston Martin Vantage GT4 side by side with Ben Clucas in the #36 Kia Optima. #34 is another Aston Martin Vantage GT4 driven by Nick Esayian. There is Jack Roush in the #60 ROUSH Performance Mustang Boss 302. Then heading onto the front straight are two Camaros – #20 is Andy Lee and the lead Camaro in this picture is Michael Cooper.
Dean Martin in the #50 Mustang leading Cooper's #10 Camaro through 5a.
Roush is utilizing all of the track as he's chased by Ben Clucas.
The #38 Kia ran a 1:25.751 and the #36 did a 1:26.078. In qualifying I heard that one of them did a 24 – outstandingly fast for a FWD platform. These gentlemen ran a team race – they really helped each other out!


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