WTAC 2014 – Final Competition Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR



Though track conditions were optimum during the first half of the day, we saw a lot of cars getting sideways and even going four wheels off at times. With cars like the Pro-Am PMQ Evo setting event leading times, the Pro teams were not going to just lay down and were pushing their cars, and each other, to the very edge of their limits. 
When the first half of the day came to a close we had a new overall leader. That's right, the Tilton Interiors Evo ran a 1:24.94 and set the new mark for everyone to aim for. Just under one tenth off the class record they set the previous year, the Tilton team would not be settling with simply leading their class and would continue optimizing their set-up. Every year the Sydney Motorsports Park track record has fallen, and Garth Walden and the rest of the team were determined to continue the WTAC's record breaking tradition! 
Though nowhere near as highly publicized as the ARK Designs BNR32, there was another American team at WTAC this year. The AMB Aero USA Mitsubishi Eclipse actually belongs to Andrew Briliant. The Eclipse really wasn't in the running to be on the podium, but it was consistently running. America…step your game up! We're looking like a bunch of ass clowns to the rest of the time attack world!
During the half time break fans were treated to a Gymkhana'ish demonstration by Alex Kelsey and his hand built MC2 Rally Car. Hearing and seeing this thing take off down the front straight and downshifting through all its sequential gears was simply music to our ears. Again, stay tuned for a Nerd's Eye View of this amazing creation.
Part of the halftime festivities also included a Miss WTAC contest. While I was hard at work preparing these event reports…Jeff couldn't help himself and took some paparazzi shots of the ladies getting ready for their competition. Who can blame him, right?
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