WTAC 2014 – Final Competition Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR



The PMQ Racing Evo had over a five second lead on this nearest competitor and no one had come even close to Mick Sigsworth's time of 1:25.27. The time did not only pretty much guarantee him the top podium spot in the Pro-Am Class, but it blew away last year's winning time of 1:30.96. Which was also set by Sigsworth, but in the Precision Maintenance Mitsubishi Evo. 
With the PMQ Racing Evo leaps and bounds ahead of the competition the rest of the competitors in the Pro-Am Class were left to battle it out for the final two spots on the podium. In the Superlap Shootout Miyata Sumishiko in the Kyushu Danji Nissan R34 GTR took the third spot from the Mighty Mouse Honda CRX with a time of 1:31.69. The Mighty Mouse would try to answer and regain its third place position, but towards the end of the session the CRX started spewing white smoke out the rear and its day would be over. 
The second and final spot in the Pro-Am Class would go to the Sutton Bros Racing Nissan S15. The aero package on this car looks so tough! Driver Wayne Sutton was able to squeeze a very respectable and fast 1:30.48. Faster than last year's winning Pro-Am time, but nowhere near the ridiculous time PMQ Racing laid down.
I am personally way too big of a fan of the Mighty Mouse Honda CRX to leave it out of our final report. We didn't get a chance to shoot this car for a feature while we were at WTAC, but believe me when I say that we will be looking for a local correspondent to do a full photo shoot on this car so we can bring you a Nerd's Eye view on it! Rob Nguyen's lap time in the Mighty Mouse CRX was barely surpassed by the Kyushu Danji Nissan R34 GTR – a margin of just a little bit over one tenth of a second! Truly amazing and no doubt FWD fans worldwide will be looking for and cheering on the Mighty Mouse CRX in next year's WTAC. I know I will!
Though there were a total of seven R35 GTR entries between both classes, it came down to a shootout between two legendary Japanese tuners; HKS and Top Secret. The HKS R35 GTR was driven by Nob Taniguchi while the Top Secret R35 GTR was in the trusty hands of Tarzan Yamada. Both of which were competing in the Pro subdivision of the new R35 GTR Class. Top honors in the Tuner R35 GTR class went to Brian Bugh who piloted the Just Car Insurance GTR to a 1:40.36 lap time.


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