A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin


 A Dummy's Guide to MotoGP in Austin

By Khiem Dinh


Khiem Dinh is an engineer for Honeywell Turbo Technologies at the time of this writing.  All statements and opinions expressed by Khiem Dinh are solely those of Khiem Dinh and not reflective of Honeywell Turbo Technologies.

“If you build it, they will come.”  What applied to a baseball field in the middle of a corn field also applies to one of the finest race tracks in the world located in the middle of the Austin hill country.  Since the Formula 1 race last November where the asphalt had barely cured before the cars hit the surface, many changes have occurred at the track.  This time around, it was the MotoGP rodeo putting on the show.  In my opinion, nothing is a more pure expression of the synergy between man and high-powered machine.  Along with this event being the first MotoGP race at the track, more history was made at this race with maybe the most disruptive rider to join MotoGP since Valentino Rossi.

Red Bull has its stamp all over the track, but it was most prominent up in Turn 1.


Turn 1 sits at the top of a big hill.  TV doesn't really do it justice.  Just check out the elevation in comparison to the grand stands.  Watching the bikes crank it over into Turn 1 (and everywhere) on the track is something to behold.  These bikes will do over 60 degrees of lean angle with a few having gone as far as 70 degrees!


While F1 cars are very impressive, when I watch MotoGP, it's the RIDERS who astound me.  As a rider myself, it just boggles my mind what these guys can do.


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