A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin



This view gives you an idea of the table top nature of Turn 1.  Cranking the bike over while transitioning from the uphill to the flattop should be interesting.


The grand stands were wide open on Friday with it being practice day. 


The upper deck still provides shade.  This is another perspective on the elevation change to Turn 1. 


At the grand stands, you can find the Velocity bar along with many food options.  So whether you're hungry or in need of BEvERages, the grand stand has them.  After you've been there long enough, the grand stands also have the nicest restrooms.


That little guy on the ~240hp two-wheeled Honda missile is the twenty year old rookie Marc Marquez.  This guy is the disruptive force I mentioned.  It's not often someone comes along and changes the game, but I think he is it.  I think part of his advantage is his youth; the kid appears fearless!  Notice how he’s all the way up against the inside white line.  When the riders come out of the tight Turn 20 onto the front straight, they are on the throttle hard with the front wheel just hovering above the surface (thanks anti-wheelie control).  Their momentum carries them from the outside of the turn towards the inner wall.  Marquez would just leave the throttle pinned and let the bike drift over as far over as possible before finally doing whatever it is they do (breathe off the throttle?) to put the nose down and bring the bike back to the right.  I think he pushed it further than anyone else.


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