A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin



This is the opening lap of the MotoGP race where you can see a few bikes still coming down the straight into Turn 12 while the leaders are pulling through Turn 15.  Watching the race from this location is so much better than watching the race on TV.  With TV, you're stuck watching only one battle and that only happens to be what the TV producers want to show.  Sitting at the race, there was a good amount of action back in the CRT ranks along with many battles in the mid pack that you don't generally get to see on TV.  Sitting at Turn 15, you have two big screens to catch all the action that TV is showing so you’re not missing out on anything.


At the end of the races, all the flaggers walk out to the track to wave the flags and salute the riders.  The riders really do appreciate the crowd giving them an ovation for their efforts.


Guys who crash during the race sometimes need a ride back to the pits at the end.


In addition to the racing, the major manufacturers had their tents set up along with food trailers and smaller vendor booths.


Thousands of motorcycles showed up with Ducati reserving the primo parking lot.  If you took a car and parked in Lot F like I did, you could hike to the entrance or get a ride on the pedicab.  Oh yeah, you were allowed to bring in as much water as you wanted, but no other food or drinks.  


Right at the entrance, a demonstration stunt team had a ramp setup to entertain the crowd during breaks in the on-track action. 


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