A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin



A couple views of Turn 20 leading onto the front straight.


A group of Moto2 guys powering through Turn 19 and heading to Turn 20.  They use every single centimeter of track and curbing on corner exit.  Moto2 bikes all use the same Honda 600cc engine similar to what you can buy in the CBR 600RR, but different chassis.  I think Moto2 has the best racing action out of all the races.


There was a bar tent setup between Turns 18-19 and many people brought the stools out onto the grass.  Coming out of Turn 18, many of the Moto2 guys were riding the rev limiter before braking for Turn 19.  Nuts?  Yes, I think so.


The Red Bull Rookies are seen here streaming through the Turn 16-18 complex.  The Red Bull Rookies are a bunch of teenagers of all nationalities racing four-stroke KTM RC 250Rs which sound like weed wackers on nitrous.  Some of the best racing action is seen with these guys as all the bikes are identical.  Can you imagine being 14-15 years old and racing around the world?  The next step from the Rookies is Moto3 also on 250cc bikes with a bit more go and less weed wacker noises.




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