A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin



Here are two pictures from MotoGP.com.  Elbow sliders indeed.

What else makes this kid fast?  He's like the honey badger; honey badger don't care!  As in, he doesn't care what credentials the other riders he's racing with have.  He's also not intimidated by anyone; Rossi and your seven premiere class World Championships?  Excuse me, I'm coming through.  You've been at Honda since 2006 Pedrosa?   I beat you in the first two races.


(More pics from MotoGP.com) Jorge Lorenzo, the reigning World Champ?  Excuse me, that’s my apex.  Lorenzo actually made two very poor tactical errors in this corner.  First, he left the door wide open for Marquez to go up the inside and second, Marquez went in too deep and if Lorenzo had played it smart, he would have braked earlier and gone back up the inside.  He should have known Marquez would attempt the pass as Marquez went up the inside too hot a few corners earlier overshooting the apex which allowed Lorenzo to pass him back.  Alas, Marquez made a kamikaze pass which stuck for second place.


Three races into his first MotoGP season, Marquez has a third, first, and second making him the current points leader.  He might be a rookie, but he's bringing a newer faster riding style along with a indifference to the old guard.  If the old guys are considered 'aliens', I'm not sure what that makes Marquez.  One thing is for sure, he's already made a huge impact on the sport.  Keep an eye on him.

COTA is a heck of a track having now seen F1 and MotoGP there.  I think I like Turn 15 even more than Turn 12 from F1.  Well, until next year.




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