A Dummy’s Guide to MotoGP in Austin



At the end of the practice day, there was a pit lane walk.  You had to get in line about an hour or so before the end of practice to get on the walk however as they enforced a capacity limit.


Between Turns 15-19 is the amphitheater which was not completed during F1.


I gotta say, the view from the top of Section 1 at Turn 15 is spectacular.  You can literally see all the action from Turn 4 through Turn 16.  Coming down the back straight to the left, the MotoGP bikes were hitting 210mph!  Yeah, that’s faster than the F1 cars (drag limited of course), and on two wheels.  Watching the guys haul down the bikes from speed with the rear tire dancing off the ground was another one of those head-shaking moments.


MotoGP has both two-door and four-door BMW M6-series cars doing Safety Car duties.  I was really confused about the four-door as I didn't know it existed, but BMW recently announced that it is coming.  The Safety Cars would come out before a race to scope out the track conditions and the guys in the two-door car were certainly having a bit of fun hanging the tail out a bit around Turn 15.  The cars were definitely being pushed.  The other role of the Safety Cars was to follow all the bikes around on the first lap of the race.  This is where you could see the speed differential between the Rookies Cup, Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP bikes.  The Safety Car was pretty much on the tail of the Rookies Cup bikes going through the first lap.  On the first lap of the MotoGP race, the bikes were clear through Turn 15 before the Safety Car even made it down the back straight into Turn 12.  


Speaking of the Rookies Cup, here is the lead pack sweeping through Turns 13-14 sounding like a pissed off swarm of wasps. 




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