A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


A Dyno Dynamics dyno is much more conservative than a Dynojet or the Dynopack that we use to certify cars for MPTCC racing, just ask Eric who owns one!

Unlike other Honda K-series motors, intelligent variable valve timing (i-VTEC) is used on both the intake and exhaust cams in its three-rocker design.  The 99K mi Engine was completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, clearances checked and re assembled utilizing OEM parts sourced through the Honda Racing Line. Reassembly data and specs were provided through access to Honda Service Express Database, (the same factory-authorized information available to dealers), as a Honda Racing Line membership benefit.

A DC Sports header was used.

The head received a 5 angle valve job from a local NASCAR machine shop and supertech OEM sized nitrided intake valves and Inconel exhaust, manganese bronze guides, springs and titanium retainers were installed to support future cam upgrades.

The team fabricated their own exhaust and used this Turbo Muffler.  We feel that the muffler leaves a few HP on the table.

The AC was removed, a RSX Type S crank pulley for under drive with a shorter Gates racing belt and a K&N typhoon intake sourced from sparkplugs.com were installed. Stock plugs were replaced with Denso iridium race plugs for added reliability from sparkplugs.com. OEM injectors were cleaned and flowed in house at 42 Autosports.

This Ingalls torque absorber controls engine movement from the soft motor mounts.  This improves shifting and reduces wheel hop.  There is less vibration this way when compared to solid urethane mounts.

New OEM engine and trans mounts were installed with an Ingalls torque damper to limit drivetrain movement.  The stock TSX has a pneumatically controlled front engine mount that softens at idle and stiffens under vacuum, the pneumatic system was disconnected to provide the stiffest mount at all times. A DC Sports 4/2/1 header was installed and connected to a custom fabricated 2.5” full exhaust with a generic turbo race muffler.

The K24 is one mean motor.  Us SR20 guys envy it.


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