A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


A Hondata KPro ECU allow the use of the reliable stock wiring harness.

A Hondata OEM ECU re flash designed to maximize output with Intake and Header with a lowered VTEC point, increased RPM’s and modified fuel and ignition tables (5000 rpm VTEC point decreased from 6000 rpm 7600 rpm Rev limit, increased from 7100 rpm was used.  This resulted in a very wide and flat smooth torque curve.  90% of peak torque is available from 2000-7000 rpm.

An Accusump ensures that the engine will have a solid oil supply even if the pickup sucks air.  It is the poor man’s drysump!

An Accusump system with Royal Purple XPR 10w-40 full synthetic racing oil & a K&N Racing Oil Filter were used to prevent the oil starvation and rod bearing failure that K motors sometimes suffer from.  With careful monitoring & management the royal purple oil allows the team to extended change intervals with superior protection as compared to traditional racing oils, offsetting the slightly higher initial cost and actually decreasing cost over the length of the season.

A K&N air filter keeps the intake air clean with low restriction.

The team currently uses the stock cooling system with upgraded Gates hoses and Royal Purple Purple ICE added to the coolant.  A Mizu aluminum radiator provided by sparkplugs.com also helps keep the engine cool.

A K&N cold air intake was used to free up the intake charge.
The sometimes problematic six speed transmission was thoroughly gone through before being reinstalled into the car.  The six speed transmissions have narrow gears and have been known to fail under racing conditions. Other Grand Am teams have had a great deal of success WPC treating the gears to reduce breakage.

The OEM 6 Speed Transmission was disassembled, cleaned and inspected and the open diff was replaced with a late model Honda Civic Si limited slip differential and a new OEM ring gear was installed.  A SPEC Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel and 3 puck, unsprung, race clutch were used.  OEM Honda MTF was used for lubrication as this transmission was designed for compactness and lighter weight compared to Honda’s traditional 5 speed unit. This was accomplished by utilizing a magnesium case, which weighs 6.6lbs less than its aluminum counterpart and slightly narrower gears and multi cone synchros, which are extremely sensitive to lubricant weights and properties. Heavier racing MTF’s will not allow the gears to slow down and synchros to function properly for smooth shifts.

All high wear parts wqere inspected and replaced with new OEM parts.
A Spec lightweight aluminum flywheel and 3 puck solid hub clutch were used for lowest inertia and fastest shifts.


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