A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


Sabelt steering wheel and NRG quick release steering wheel hub.

The team determined that with the horsepower numbers and weight of their FWD car, it needed front down force and grip but the rear had just enough rear grip to corner without slowing the car down so no rear wing was required.

Lifeline fire control system.

APD used a Tegris front splitter and support rods from a Nascar “Car Of Tomorrow”.  They patterned the splitter to the Acura A-Spec front lip and cut it down to meet Moto IQ size requirements.  A front belly pan was fabricated to smooth the airflow over the underside at speed on the long banking of California Speedway.  The belly pan is fabricated from an aluminum panel from the bed of a Craftsman Series Truck.  Lastly the cars fenders were rolled cut and pulled to cover the big 17×9 wheels and 245/40/17 tires.

The splitter was taken directly off of a NASCAR COT!  APD fabricated the stays.  The belly pan was fabbed from a Craftsman truck part!

In the near future the team plans to test some BC Cams and an AEM plug and play stand alone race ECU. The aero will be finished (Under panels and rear diffuser).  The shock and spring rates will be upgraded and custom tubular upper control arms for increased camber adjustment will be fitted as will a carbon fiber hood and trunk to save some weight.

The splitter is made of Tegris, a space age ballisticc super lightweight laminated woven polyethylene which is as light as carbon and more impact resistant.  We have been trying to buy Tegris sheet for our own projects!  Too cool!


We fully expect the APD Acura to get faster and faster with each outing.


What a nice car.  The beauty of it is that it is a thorough but truly low buck build that nearly anyone could accomplish.  Look for the APD car to become a true front runner as it develops over the next few events.



APD’s Primary Sponsors in Order are:


Honda Performance Development Inc.

Goodyear Tire


Royal Purple


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