A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


Skunk2 upper control arma were used to allow camber adjustability.

The drawbacks of the limited spring rate and valving set up are extreme wheel lift (much to the chagrin of a number of spectators and a shock manufacturers rep at the Cal Speedway event:) and a modicum of mild under steer at all times and states. Though it looks like APD won’t have time to improve the suspension for the next MotoIQ, Liberty Grand Prix event at Willow Springs, they are in discussion with several shock manufacturers about a package for the car that should allow them to drop 1 to 1.5 seconds from their current lap times and bring the tripod car back to the ground.

A Comptech 28mm rear bar is used.

All bushings, bearings and mounts were replaced and refreshed as necessary with OEM parts through the Honda Racing Line.  The front suspension uses Skunk2 Grand Am upper adjustable control arms for camber.  Koni Sport Yellow, single adjustable struts with Ground Control coilover sleeves and Eibach ERS race springs at 475lbs are used. No front sway bar is used.

The front suspension in place.  No front bar is used.

The rear factory multi-link suspension was fitted with Koni Sport Yellow, single adjustable struts and Ground Control coilover sleeves with Eibach 600lbs ERS springs. A Comptech 28mm Sway Bar with urethane bushings and reinforced mounts finish out the suspension.

An example of the 3 wheel motion mentioned in the article.

The front brakes use stock Acura/Honda parts to develop a big brake option at a fraction of the cost of traditional race big brake kits. The factory ABS is left in place which allows extremely late, deep and confident braking. The stock knuckles were drilled out to accept larger OD Acura TL mounting bolts which in turn allowed the mounting of Acura/Brembo TL Type S, 4 Piston Calipers clamping Honda S2000 rotors.

An inexpensive big brake kit was made with this Acura caliper which just happens to be made by Brembo teamed up with an S2000 rotor.


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