A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


A factory Civic Si LSD diff was installed into the tranny.

To finish out the transmission package and make the already good shift mechanism race precise, a Comptech short shifter was installed, solid aluminum transmission and shifter bushings as well as solid aluminum shifter mount bushings were utilized.

A Comptech short shifter and solid bushings were used.

The team had a very short deadline to complete the car in time for launch at the MotoIQ Cal Speedway event, this precluded them from custom valving shocks for ideal, race proven, spring rates of 800lb front and 1600lb rear on stock rubber suspension bushings for the TSX.

A Ground Control Inc coil over kit for Koni Sport shocks was determined to be a good quality and economical suspension solution.

After a lot of discussion looking at off the shelf coil-overs and spring rates, math, as well as analyzing shock dyno charts from a number of aftermarket coil over manufacturers, APD decided to go with a tried and true low cost solution that they knew would generate the best handling characteristics for the car within their budget and time limitations: Single adjustable Koni Sports, Ground Control Coil-over sleeves and Eibach race springs.

The front Koni Coilovers are in place!

In pre race testing at Carolina Motor Sports Park and at California Speedway the car behaved exactly as expected for a FWD car at the spring rates used, it was exceptional easy to drive, rotated “reasonably” well and rewards an extremely smooth driving style and precise line with competitive lap times.

The rear Koni’s.


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