A Look Inside – APD’s MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX


The spindle was bored out to accept the larger bolts that the Brembo calipers require.

Custom machined 6mm hub and wheel centric spacers are used that can adapt 3 different hub bore sizes and space things out 6mm for caliper to wheel clearance.  ARP Extended Race Studs, Skunk 2 Aluminum Race Lugs, Hawk DTC 60 Pads, Goodrich Stainless lines and Brembo LCF600 Fluid are used.  The rear brakes use stock rotors and calipers, Hawk DTC 60 pads and Goodrich Stainless lines.

Brembo calipers, S2000 rotors, long studs, hubcentric spacers and braided steel brake lines look sharp!

WEDS TC105N 17 x 9 wheels were selected to maximize tire contact patch and for strength and weight. The TC105N is a durable, forged, race wheel with an extremely light weight of 15.73lbs each. Goodyear Eagle RS D.O.T 245/40/17 tires are used, a new compound version of the Goodyear Eagle RS D.O.T Slick that had been released last August.  Steve Petrescue of Goodyear provided the team with several test sets for them to evaluate and the team say that performance has been nothing short of spectacular. The tire has tremendous grip, extreme consistency throughout life cycle and great wear characteristics. APD tested the tire 2x prior to launching at California Speedway and found the tire to be as quick as most of the competition with much better consistency and wear rates (on an FWD car) than similar compounds from other manufacturers.

Forged Weds wheels are lightweight, strong and expensive.  The Goodyear tires are an unknown factor for most of us.  Goodyear has not had much market penetration in the DOT race tire world.

For the interior a Sabelt RAC wheel, Sabelt Taurus seat and a Sabelt Steel Pro Harnesses supplied by Hoerr Racing were used. A Lifeline 4L liter mechanical fire system supplied by Sube Sport keeps potential fires at bay. An NRG short hub & steering wheel Quick release supplied by Evasive Motorsports makes getting in and out of the car easier.  SFI roll cage padding from Roush Yates Performance Products also helps ensure safety.

Sabelt provided the top quality seat, steering wheel and harness.


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