Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8

Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8

by Alvin Miles Jr.

Americans, for the most part, never knew what a Lancer Evolution was until 2003. Unless you followed Japan’s reports about Mitsubishi’s production line, you were pretty surprised to see a turbocharged and street-legal, racetrack ready car appear on the streets of the U.S. This concept formed the one of a kind, Mitsubishi legend that popularized the American performance market.

From birth, the Lancer Evolution was equipped with a 2.0 liter inline-4, 4G63 turbocharged engine that is one of the longest-serving performance engines of its era. It is well known for its rally racing victories from the late 80’s. Since its days of dirt trials and related events are nearly extinct in North America, many use theirs to terrorize the tarmac. 

It is one thing to leave a car in pristine condition and another to heavily modify it- living out a JDM dream. With Albert and his high-powered machine, he did both of those things. In fact, Albert has built this beast to a staggering, 912 horsepower and 693 foot-pounds of torque, daily driver!


After working his way through a few vehicles, such as a 1990 240SX, a 2004 Yamaha R6, and another Mitsubishi family member- the 1997 GST (Eclipse), Albert decided that he wanted something more practical while still maintaining his style. Enter, the inevitable Lancer Evolution that took their place.

With its original Tarmac Black paint from 2003, it’s not a classical vehicle, however it's still holding its own without having been re-sprayed since it came from the factory. Albert always makes sure to keep his car flawless when it’s time to play.


The Evo is an understated sleeper at its finest.

Usually, when considering high-powered machines in the automotive aftermarket world, you would think that there would be a large spoiler hanging from the rear of the vehicle, a low hanging airdam, and a huge exhaust to scream at you.  When you look at this car, you see the total opposite.


Aero bound. These carbon fiber flaps are more than just for good looks. They block off the unused cosmetic side vents on the stock Evo bumper.  The flaps reduce drag when traveling at high speeds.
Nothing too flashy, just a little Rexpeed Type-D carbon trunk spoiler that takes the place of the huge, stock Evo wing.

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