Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8


You might expect a loud exhaust on a heavily modified vehicle like this, but unlike most, this car is running a RRE (Road Race Engineering) Stealth exhaust system. The RRE exhaust was chosen for its low tone and high flow that would still allow the car to pass the legal decibel meter test with flying colors.

The car is currently running a Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper suspension (RSD) system with a 27mm RRE rear sway bar.

In the future, Albert plans on trying Feal coilovers because they're local, and accessing replacement parts is an easier step for him. It seems that a lot of all-wheel-drive vehicles have been acquiring Feal coilovers lately. Most of them are doing it for the same exact reason- the accessibility for rebuilding and for custom valving purposes.

The rest of the suspension components were difficult to see, so Albert filled us in with some of the details. Polyurethane bushings were installed to refresh the OEM bushings, and a Whiteline bump steer and roll center correction kit were fitted to complement and complete the suspension package.  

The suspension tuning was done by Gilbert Flores at Evolved Auto Garage Montclair, California. The responsiveness of this Evo is the equivalent of an overpowered go-kart. The stability is mind-blowing.


Until now, there hasn't been a competitor in sight to run around and even put a match against this vehicle. 

With more upgrades to come, who knows what this monster might become. Right now, this Evo is only running at 35lbs of boost at the low setting for street driving. It has been pushed to 40lbs and still has plenty of room to play with. Albert looks forward to pushing things a bit further this year.

Albert sends his gratitude and special thanks to James Reese, Devon Vanderbush and Patrick Mckerney at Reese Tuning, Tim Richards at Speed force Racing, Gilbert Flores at Evolved Auto Garage and Michael Sebesten.


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