Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8


A JDM Evo IX rear bumper is used, taking the place of the ugly, deep air trapping US model bumper.
A Rexpeed carbon rear diffuser flows very well with the car. It is a tasteful and understated addtion to the back of the car and actually provides some additional downforce. 
Albert's Evo is the king of the hill. With even the least amount of aftermarket aerodynamic add-ons, it can show how much of a beast it is with its power.

You might be wondering about the engine. On the outside, it looks fairly normal with just the bolt-ons. However, no stock Evo engine ever put out 912HP at 7500RPM and 693 lb/ft of torque at 6400RPM while pushing 40 psi of boost!


The descent into horsepower madness began with the basic bolt-ons on the stock Evo VIII turbo before swapping for an Evo IX turbo. The FP (Forced Performance) green turbo was substituted not much later, since “the itch for power continued, and the rest was history,” as Albert stated. 

The “numbers chase” was on and in went with a ported FP black turbo, paired with a built 2.3-liter engine. However, that was not enough. A PTE (Precision Turbo & Engine) 6266 Gen2 was added, and finally, a Forced Performance Super 94 found its way into the engine bay.

More crazy parts, such as GSC low-lash lifters and GSC Power-division R2 camshafts, were used. The engine is held in place with Torque Solutions engine and transmission mounts. The feed for E85 fuel is handled by a Buscher double-pumper setup, paired with twin Walbro 255/450 fuel pumps. An AEM fuel rail holds 2150cc injectors controlled by a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU.

The internal engine work is pretty nuts too! Starting off with the ported head with oversized valves, the block features Manley Pistons with Manley “Turbo Tuff “rods. For many high horsepower cars that lay down extreme power numbers, Manley Performance often has their name somewhere on the build.

Manley connecting rods are forged from aircraft quality, 4340 vacuum degassed material and are fully machined. The “Turbo Tuff” design combines the right weight and extreme strength for ultimate horsepower applications.


A large plenum, short runner Magnus V5 cast intake manifold with a Boomba racing 75mm throttle body feeds the hungry 4G63.

When you think of a racecar, you think of how strong on it is on the inside more than its looks. Internally speaking, this car's insides are pretty ridiculous when comparing to the car's mild exterior. With its shocking power output, it’s a sleeper. It’s a “wolf in sheep's clothing” for the modern day streets.


These large breathers on the engine's catch can are just a hint of the power that lurks inside of the 4G63.

You can have all of the right engine internals in the world for your vehicle, but it's all a wash if it’s not tuned correctly to match the parts that you have put into it. This Evo was tuned by, none other than, James Reese from Reese Tuning in San Diego, Ca.

James Reese is known for getting serious power from the 4G63. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth a trip to the shop to see what he and the whole Reese Tuning team are all about.  There are a few videos of this car making dyno pulls at Reese Tuning’s shop at You can see the power numbers and the crowd’s reaction!

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