PRI 2016: Part 3

PRI 2016 – Part 3

by Pablo Mazlumian

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the PRI Show, make sure you do. That is, unless you don’t enjoy high performance parts like turbos, superchargers, engine parts, wheels, aero parts, and electronics. But we’re back today with more, and there’s still more to follow! Let’s get back to the show.

Of course you didn’t think we’d go through PRI without visiting Precision Turbo and Engine. They’re known in the professional and underground racing world for their tremendously high flowing turbochargers, like this GEN3 Pro Mod 85. If your class limits you to an 85mm compressor wheel, PTE’s developed this turbo so that you can flow well over 1750hp.

1750hp is a lot of power for an 85mm turbo. A big reason is due to the turbo’s 105mm exducer on the turbine side.

For the big powered imports and domestics, PTE’s developed the PT8385 that will flow over 1400hp with an 83mm compressor inducer…

…and an 85mm exducer on the turbine side. What’s funny is PTE rates this turbo up to 1400hp, but there are already videos on REAL Street showing nearly 1500hp to the wheels on a Supra! Therefore, take PTE’s flow ratings with a grain of salt. In fact, on the same car, the “1250hp” 7685 turbo put out 1340whp. Quit being so modest, you PTE guys!

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