PRI 2016: Part 3


I would love me some Forgeline wheels with carbon fiber barrels!

Here’s a nice B16 header that Argentine-based, Conforma Exhausts, pulled out for us to look at.
Speaking of spinning wheels, “spinnin' ain't winnin'!” Davis Technologies specializes in traction control devices. On the left we've got the TMS-750, which is manually adjustable and offers individual cylinder control. On the right is the TMS-750-SL (the SL standing for Self-Learning).
We've used Fluidampr on a few or our project cars, and their products work really well. In this picture we're looking at, their new damper for the FRS/BRZ is on the left, as well as the 2JZ-GTE Supra on the right- which we're actually running in our own Project MKIV Supra. Fluidampr also told us that their new damper for the new Mazda Miata should available in the upcoming weeks.


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