PRI 2016: Part 3


Also new from CSF is this unit for the Mistubishi Evo 7, 8, and 9. It features drop-in fitment with a built-in SPAL fan and shroud, and CSF reports it will also fit with aftermarket turbo manifolds.

Lastly, from CSF is we bring you its radiator for the Mazda Miata ND, which features the same 1-row, B-tube technology from CSF as the radiators above.

Anyone like big engines? I think this is the biggest engine I’ve ever seen to go into a car. It's going into a car developed in Dubai, known as the Devel Sixteen. It's built by Steve Morris Engines. The SME-V16 features quad (yes, FOUR) 81mm turbochargers, a one-piece billet block, billet crankshaft, billet cam, and two-piece billet heads. Its displacement is 748 c.i. Did you read that? That’s 12.3-liters! How much horsepower you ask? To date, it’s put out a reported 4515 HP with 3518 lb-ft of torque. Umm, wow!

For you machinists out there, there’s an entire section of PRI dedicated to CNC machines, dynos, and the like. I was watching this Centroid A560 5-axis CNC machine in action, which features a 27hp/20,000 rpm spindle, 24-tool automatic tool changer, digitizing probe and software, and Mastercam CAD/CAM software. It’s also got a windows touch screen control and Centroid’s patented articulation head design.

The DYNOmite dynamometer is designed for big horsepower cars that tend to lose traction on other dynos. It features diamond-knurling, deep machined-in traction grooves, and a traction coated dragstrip surface.

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