PRI 2016: Part 3


As I continued to circle around the machinery section, I came across a name I recognized real quick as an F1 fan- Haas. I did not know this was how Haas made his money to fund his racing teams (in Part 5 we have close-ups of a Haas-themed F1 car). This is the Haas UMC-750P 5-axis vertical machining center, priced at $190k. And, that’s for staters. For an extra $20k or so you can load it with a bunch of other extras.

For those of you who may have operated a CNC machine, maybe this will impress you just a little bit.

I cannot believe I’ve been involved in this industry for over 16 years, and with all the cars I’ve been in, I’ve yet to experience nitrous. I need NOS! I at least want to feel it once, but this setup from Nitrous Express might be too much. The NX kit here features two direct port systems and a single entry billet cross bar up top.

All told, this NX setup is reportedly good for a whopping 1600hp!

I bet you’ll never guess what this engine belongs to. Find out on the next page!

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